About Us

Our group is here to share our experience as another example of the More-Than-One existence. There are a variety of dynamics, structures, origins, and presentations among those who body-share with many. As individuals, we strive at remaining true to ourselves, refusing to conform to what others believe as the ‘one true way to be’.

Our Group is large, consisting of many individuals who are known collectively as Silhouettes. As a Gateway, there are many minds with the ability to come and go as they wish. The shared body does not belong to any one person; it is shared as needed. Most group members are Walk-ins from other places, with separate memories and histories than the linear body-history.

Portions of our group experience first appeared online in 1994. Our websites and online journals have helped us maintain a record of our thoughts and important events as they occurred. We have also been a helpful resource within the Plural community since 2003.

If you are looking for the Plural Glossary or Plural FAQ, they are still hosted on our older site located here.

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